How to make Travel Plans in 2021 and Beyond

February 18, 2021

Are you itching to make travel plans for 2021? We certainly are. But we also understand that travel planning in this current landscape comes with new hesitations and extra questions. Will I be able to change plans at the last minute? Will I be cared for and kept safe? Questions like this add a layer of complexity to trip planning that didn’t exist before.

On the other hand, we all know that hitting the road is hugely rewarding. It offers a breath of fresh air, new perspectives and a chance to truly relax while learning new things, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. 

The game of planning where to travel in 2021 or 2022, and even how to plan your travel has changed. Below we’re giving you some ideas and thoughts on how to book a trip in the future.

Think local

This year things are still up in the air, and while a big portion of the world are being vaccinated in large numbers, it’s still too early to say for definite when the world and travel market will settle into a new normal. The best strategy for planning your 2021 travel right now, is to think local.  

Is there somewhere in your own country or neighbouring country that you’ve always wanted to see or visit and haven’t ticked off your bucket list? If you're from Canada, there's plenty of options from Banff to Niagara Falls, if you’re from the US it might be a big National Parks tour.

For your 2021 travel plans look closer to home, but definitely start dreaming about and planning that big blow-out overseas adventure for 2022. Take the opportunity to explore your home country now while international borders, visas and rules are uncertain. By the time 2022 rolls around, you’ll be able to brag to your new tour companions about how beautiful your own country is. There’s nothing better than feeling like a local expert somewhere!

Book international later this year

It’s still so hard to know how this year will go, so take it month by month. If you are keen for an overseas sojourn (aren’t we all!) hold off booking that big blow-out international trip until later in the year when more countries have rolled out their vaccination programs and new border rules. Where to travel in 2021 will be determined by both your own desire and a new set of laws. 

Different countries will be opening up their borders for 2021 travel at different times throughout the year, and some may require a full vaccination record for foreigners to be let in at all. At this stage, it’s all chatter and we just don’t know how the dice will fall so recommend planning your international travel in 2021 later in the year. 

Look for flexible companies

How to plan travel in 2021? Look for and book with travel companies that offer flexible booking policies. When things change fast you want a company that will move with you, not against you. When making travel plans for 2021 and looking for where to travel, seek out tour operators and travel companies that give you peace-of-mind when booking and offer flexibility so you can change your plans at the last minute.

Consider travelling as a private group

After the year that was, we’re sure your whole extended family or friendship circle are champing at the bit to get out there and see the world again. That’s where booking a private group tour could be an optimal option for your 2021 travel plans. This new travel trend has been rising in popularity since 2020 and it means you get the same, incredible tour experience you love, just with all the people you love too. Booking an exclusive group tour means you create your own safe travel bubble without compromising on the travel experience, and since the tour is exclusive to your group it can be customised to change some stops or add new ones. The hardest part will just be deciding where to travel together.

Content courtesy of Trafalgar